Corporate Manager, a unit of Sales Trainer Australiasia, is the premier training program for the next step in your Real Estate career. If you're looking at opening your own agency, already have and need some help or leading a sales team, Corporate Manager is a must to take the leap successfully and profitably while maintaining a lifestyle that is the envy of the industry.

CREAM is for working ON your business...
STEAM is for working IN your business...
September 5-7


CREAM is a quirky little acronym for a seriously amazing management course called Corporate Real Estate Agency Model.

CREAM provides strategy, plans, equipment, theory, knowledge, foresight, skill, experience, patience + energy for agency leaders seeking to break free from a business controlling them to commandeering a successful and profitable juggernaut!

CREAM supports everything from the desired control of your real estate agency business through to providing instruction to those aspiring to the destiny of a scale corporate collective.

CREAM empowers these people to create the necessary change and improvement to accomplish the foundation, structure and functionality of the corporate model.

Isn't it about time you invested in some CREAM?

August 3 - 4


If you need to work IN your business...

STEAM is an appropriate acronym that describes the driving force of a real estate sales business along with our new training product - the Sales Team Engineer And Manager

STEAM harnesses salespeople and enables control. It allows you to create team synergy through empowered interdependence; basically it provides the energy to achieve.

STEAM is listing + selling real estate with uncompromised terms + conditions and a prosperous discount free environment. It is about continuous prospect flow, consistent product delivery and multiple daily listings and sales.

STEAM is practicality... exactly what to do each year, quarter, month and on a daily basis to manage and lead the team that delivers efficiently and on time.

Are you ready to take the reins and move full STEAM ahead?

What can CREAM do for your business?

Get a Head Full of STEAM

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